“I guess she’s drunk!”

Wow, the first article in English. We really want to apologize to all those who do not speak any German! Sorry for keeping you waiting for our first English update on our trip. We promise to upload more content in English from now on!

So, where to start… We, Simon (the smaller guy) and Stefan (the taller guy) are the Globekickers, who are going from Germany to India by car with a table-soccer on board. Our plan is to build up the table-soccer everywhere we go, to get in touch with people and to faciliate communication in situations where our language is no longer working.

The last German article finished with our arrival at Budapest and continues now with Laszlo and Melinda, who hosted us for two days at their cozy flat in Budapest. We were warmly welcomed with local drinks and got some introduction to the City and the things worth seeing at Budapest. Having some drinks together we were asking for the Hungarian expression for „Cheers“ which is „Egészségére!“. We were trying really hard to keep this in mind but somehow we could not make it. So Melinda finally told us that people use to remember this saying by speaking out „I guess she`s drunk“ as fast as possible. This indeed sounds like the original, especially after many drinks!“. So far so good 🙂 The next day we did a big city tour with Laszlo, had some pancakes for lunch and more drinks in the evening. Thanks again for welcoming and sharing your flat with us! It was great to meet you two!

Our next goal was meeting more wonderful people and having a good partytime. That was pretty easy since we got to know Jade and her great friends with whom we spent Saturday night. All started with an Erasmus-party (hello to all the french guys we met there) and ended up at the „Instant“ club, which was quite fun, although we lost Jade at some point…

But Saturday was just the beginning of what Budapest`s party scene had to offer us. Although we needed half of Sunday to get rid of the hangover from the night before we then continued to visit some really awesome bars. Once you are lucky to hang around in Budapest, you definitely have to go into Csendes Bar and for sure to the Szimpla Pub, which is probably the best bar we have ever been to!! But there so many other recommendable places, mostly alternative and artfully designed, that make Budapest a great and entertaining city.

We spent the late evening at Jade’s to build up the table soccer and had some funny matchups with Ioanna and Alejandro, Jade’s flatmates. Thanks so much for giving us such a great time and cooking that great Carbonara for us ;-)!

The next day we left for Croatia. After a hell ride of 7 hours on iced roads in the Croatian mountains we were glad to finally get savely to the Adriatic Coast at Zadar. Fortunately it was warm enough  to spent the following nights in the car. We used the next days to travel along the whole coastline of Croatia, passing Split and ending up at Dubrovnik. Its Old City made quite an impression on us and thats why we wanted to put our table soccer on the fu…. huge wall surrounding it. It was hell of a job to put the 75kg table all the way up to the top and we risked our lives going up dozens of stairs in an 60° angle… but as you can see, we somehow made it! By the way, something funny, Stefan lost his first Kickergame and has now the honor to wear the beautiful yellow losercap.

After 3 days at the Mediteranean Sea we left for Bosnia to meet up with Ajla, Riad and Aldin at Sarajevo. Again this was a lot of driving and we were relieved that our bus Bernd carried us on the tiny and loopy roads over the mountains all the way to the Bosnian capital. On our way we made a quick stop at Mostar with its famous Old Bridge.

After arriving at Sarajevo we stayed at Riad’s place in the very center of Sarajevo. After 3 nights in the bus we were hillarious about the couch and especially about our company for the night 😉

The day after we walked through the City of Sarajevo, which had been destroyed during the Yugoslav Wars. Nowadays pretty much everything has been rebuilt, at least from what we can tell. Seeing Christians, Muslims and Jews coexisting peacefully made quite an impression on us! After having some Cevapcici, the local dish at Sarajevo, we went all the way up on the AVAZ tower from where you can see all the city of Sarajevo covered with snow.

In the evening Riad had a lot of people invited to his flat for a party. Imagine a big flat screen, a Play Station 3, something about 10 guys with tons of beer as well as great Bosnian food. That`s Bosnian party as we got it to know. We soon had to learn that Bosnian guys never get tired of playing virtual soccer and are actually beating us very bad. This is why then – preferring the rather practical and physical experience – we built up our soccer table and played together with the bosnian table soccer newcomers. We had a lot of fun this night. Thanks to Ajla, Riad and Aldin who spent nearly their whole weekend with us and took care of our accomodation. It was a pleasure to meet all of you!

@ Riad, next time you are in Germany, we`ll give a party with at least 20 girls 🙂

Next day – after taking a final picture next to the Sarajevo castle – we went on to Serbia… But that is another story we`ll telling you soon.

Ah, yes one final thing: As you all know we are competing with each other playing the table soccer. And Stefan is not good enough if he does not have a certain kind of „motivation“. So far the yellow hat worked quite well for that and he won most of the games, but now that the fear and embarassment of wearing it is fading away, we are running out of further awards/punishments. So if anyone has a good idea for either an appropriate award for the winner or an sufficiently embarassing punishment for the loser, we are all open to your propositions.

So far from us! Greetings from cold Belgrad!

The Globekickers!

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