This category is for all the English speaking fellows – here you can follow us on our trip!

Globekicker – that stands for us – Simon and Stefan!

Our plan is to go with a VW-bus and a Soccer Table from Germany (Bremen) to Asia and you are very welcome to join our adventure on this blog.

“Just” to travel around the world is not enough for globekickers – what we want, is to explore the world on our own, to meet diverse people in different countries at eye level and without any bias. But how can you do this, if you don`t speak the language of the local people so that these people might face you sceptical and with a little caution? At this point we are building up our tablesoccer and have a game. Cause what is more common tongue in the world than the language of sport? Even people we meet, who don`t have any clue about tablesoccer can learn it quickly and have a good time together with us. We plan to kicker everwhere – in Teheran, Bombay, Bankok, maybe also on the Himalaya!


Our tablesoccer is our dicionary, which hopefully will make many people curious about the language of globekickers!

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